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Long Realty is pleased to bring you tips for Living in Arizona, courtesy of our local Long Advantage business partners. The articles below covers an array of helpful and insightful tips for the Arizona lifestyle. We hope you find this information useful.

Home Weatherizing Tips

January 29, 2015

Home Weatherizing Tips

Feeling the effects of drafty doors and windows this time of year is easy, but did you know that cold air can enter your house in several surprising locations? And even small leaks can result in a significant increase in your energy bill. Homeowners can save up to 30 percent on monthly energy bills just by properly weatherizing their home, says the Department of Energy.

Living in the desert, you’ve probably already prevented drafts on your doors and windows by using weatherstripping, but below are a list of sneaky leak culprits and how to prevent them from running your energy bill up.


Dryer vents and exhaust fans are important factors in proper ventilation, but they can also draw conditioned air out of a home and let outside air in.

Bathroom exhaust fans should have an internal flapper damper to prevent air from coming in or out when the fan is off. Check the flapper damper in your bathroom exhaust fans to ensure that they’re working properly, if not, they are easily replaced either on your own or with the assistance of a professional.

Dryer vents also typically have a flapper to reduce air leaks, but if the vent becomes clogged with lint, it can prevent the flapper from working properly. Check vents periodically to make sure they're free of lint, or install a dryer-vent seal.

Electrical Outlets

Electrical outlets and switch plates can allow air to seep through the walls. Find leaks by holding a candle near the outlet cover, if you see the flame waver you’ll know you have a leak. The Department of Energy recommends installing foam gaskets behind outlet covers and switch plates to prevent air from coming through. This is an easy DIY fix, just be sure to turn the breaker off in the area you’re working in. If you’re not comfortable with that, hiring an experienced electrician is always a safe bet!

The Extras

Add-ons such as recessed lighting or mail slots may add convenience and comfort to a home, but they also add the potential for air leaks. Caulk any gaps around mail slots, and seal around leaky light fixtures. If the insulation above a recessed light seems dirty, it's probably allowing air to escape. Keep in mind that sealing around recessed lighting is best done by a professional, contact your contractor or an electrician to assist you with this job.

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The information contained in these articles are provided by local area businesses. We believe this information to be accurate and reliable, but it is not guaranteed.